Selection and purchase of art ceramics

As a commodity, the higher the price is, the better it is. This needs to be carefully identified. For example, for underglaze color and blue and white porcelain, it depends on whether the painting skill is skilled and clear, and whether the color is translucent and transparent. Attention should be paid to someone passing off the underglaze color as the underglaze color, so as to confuse the fake with the real; The underglaze decoration pays attention to meticulous freehand brushwork, which must be hand-painted, not printed or applique, and the color should be bright.
Then it is to see whether the overall effect is correct, whether there is deformation, whether the glaze is smooth and clean, and whether the chromaticity is different. Finally, when selecting and purchasing art ceramics for display, it is necessary to place them in a place with good light in the daytime, and the lighting will often make errors. The porcelain can be tapped gently to hear whether the sound is clear and loud, and the cracked ceramic has a hoarse sound.
Generally, there is a “four-word formula” for purchasing porcelain, that is, “see”, “listen”, “compare” and “try”.
“Look” is to carefully observe the porcelain from top to bottom inside and outside. Check whether the porcelain glaze is smooth and smooth, and whether there are scratches, small holes, black spots and bubbles; Second, check whether the shape is regular and deformed; 3. The picture is intact; Fourth, check whether the bottom is flat, and place it stably without burr.
“Listening” is to listen to the sound made when tapping the porcelain. If the sound is clear and melodious, it means that the porcelain body is fine and dense, without cracks and damage. When it is fired at high temperature, the porcelain is completely melted. If the voice is hoarse, it can be concluded that the porcelain body is cracked, or the porcelain is incomplete. This kind of porcelain is easy to crack after hot and cold changes.
“Comparison” means comparison. For matching porcelain, compare the accessories to see if their shape and picture decoration are consistent. In particular, the blue and white porcelain or blue and white exquisite porcelain sets, because the color of the blue and white porcelain changes with the firing temperature, so the same blue and white porcelain, the color of which varies from deep to light, a set of several pieces or even dozens of pieces of cold porcelain sets, if the color of each piece of blue and white porcelain has obvious differences, this set of porcelain will be greatly inferior.
“Test” means test cover, test assembly and test. Some porcelain has a cover, and some porcelain is made of several components. When selecting porcelain, don’t forget to try to cover the cover and assemble the components to see if they are suitable. In addition, some porcelain has special functions, such as dripping Guanyin, which can drip water automatically; The Jiulong Justice Cup will leak out when it is filled to a certain position. So try it to see if its function is normal.