Natural stone slate dinner plate

PRODUCT: Stoneware Plates
Material Stoneware
USED FOR: Hotel, restaurant, bistro, catered events,banquet hall,Buffet,Coffee shop ,resorts, casinos,country clubs,bar,wedding,shopping
mall,leisure venues, casino,public area,cafe,Renting,and other commercial establishments
SAFE USED Microwave Oven Dishwasher SAFE.FOOD GRADE
ITEM SIZE: Customizating Acceptable
CUSTOM SERVICE: Logo, Design, Shape, Color, Image
Grade AB Grade Hotel Porcelain
Packing Standard safe carton packing for shipment.

Wooden box as per customer’s special requests.

Usage Home decoration,kitchen&dinner ware
Sample lead-time 15 days(with your confirmation)


Stone imitating paint is also called liquid stone because it is used to imitate the effect of exterior wall stone. It is a single component coating used for building exterior walls, which is suspended by two or more kinds of water-based color particles in the water-based medium layer, and produced by a single spray with multiple colors. It uses acrylic resin lotion and elastic resin solution as the base material, through the reasonable ratio and color matching of white quartz sand and artificially calcined color sand, and spraying with a high-pressure spray gun, it presents a rich stone like coating. The stone like coating is based on acrylic resin lotion and elastic resin solution, which is sprayed by high-pressure spray gun through the reasonable proportion and color matching of white quartz sand and artificially calcined colored sand to present a rich stone like coating. With people’s respect for returning to nature and returning to nature, the building is decorated with stone-like paint, which makes the building more luxurious and dignified, and is favored by people. It is still in the initial stage in China.
Stone imitation paint has fire resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and pollution resistance. It is non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesive force, and never fades, which can effectively prevent the erosion of the building by the external harsh environment and prolong the life of the building. Because of its good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, the stone-like paint is particularly suitable for use in cold areas. The stone-like paint has the advantages of simple construction, easy drying, time saving and convenient construction.
Stone-like paint is a kind of paint that is very difficult to make among art paints. It is also known as stone-like paint. It uses paint to imitate stone and imitate natural stone. Its effect is vivid and vivid. In terms of texture and color, it is close to natural stone, but it is slightly lacking in hardness Stone imitation paint includes: real stone paint, sandstone imitation paint, marble imitation paint, weathered stone imitation paint, French wood-grained stone imitation, agate imitation, jade imitation, granite imitation paint, cave stone imitation paint, etc It is mainly determined by the quality of the producer