Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tableware

1. Easy to wash and keep clean. The glaze of daily porcelain is bright and delicate, and it is easy to wash after being stained.
2. Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer. The tableware for daily use is not easy to crack when it is subjected to sudden heat and sudden cold changes with a certain temperature difference.
3. Chemical properties are stable and durable. It has certain resistance to acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric carbonation, is not easy to react with other substances, and is not rusty and aging.
4. Porcelain has few pores and low water absorption. The food is stored with daily porcelain. After being sealed tightly, it can prevent the moisture in the food from volatilizing, penetrating and being invaded by external bacteria.
5. Colored painting decoration is rich and colorful, especially high-temperature glaze and blue and white decoration, which are free of lead poisoning hazards, can be used boldly and is very popular.

1. It has low impact strength, is not resistant to falling and collision, and is easy to be damaged. It is a fragile product.
2. It is not suitable for cooking with open fire, and some are not resistant to cooking.