Selection and purchase methods of ceramic tableware

The tableware we eat at ordinary times is basically ceramic tableware, because it is clean and sanitary, free of toxic substances, and beautiful appearance is liked by many people. There are many manufacturers of ceramic tableware, so how to choose ceramic tableware?

1. Selection of qualifications. The best ceramic tableware is bone china and reinforced porcelain, which are all superior materials. Bone porcelain is a kind of high-grade porcelain, which is naturally milky white, with very high transparency and light texture. You can put two bone china bowls on your hands to collide. Its hardness is quite high, so the collision will not be damaged. And after the collision, it has clear and crisp sound, and the echo time is long, while other porcelain basically has no sound.

2. Product validation. For ceramic tableware that you can’t trust, you can soak it in vinegar for several hours. If the color also changes, you can’t use it. If you choose products for microwave oven, you should avoid products with metal decoration, such as products with gilt, metal wire, etc.

Ceramic tableware is widely used in life, and after a period of use, we need to replace a set of ceramic tableware to ensure health and hygiene. After reading the above ceramic tableware selection method, you can select good ceramic tableware.