Solid plastic square dinner plate

Product Name: Plastic Plates
Material: Plastic, HIPS,PP , PP + Natural mineral
Certification: BSCI ,PRC,FSC,GMP,HACCP,FSSC22000,18001,ISO14001,ISO9001
Feature: Disposable ,Microwaveable,Eco-Friendly,Recyclable, Disposable,stocked
Size: 6” ,7”,8”,9”
Shape: Round
Number of Compartments  1 or 3
Usage: Food,Cookies, cake, Sushi, pizza , nut,setc
Color: white or the color you want
MOQ: 50 cartons
Packing: carton
Lead Time : Shipped in 30 days after payment


Plastic tableware can be seen everywhere in our lives, with a wide variety of light and non-fragile advantages, and is deeply loved by consumers. Generally speaking, most of the plastic tableware on the market are qualified, and the raw materials used are the raw materials required by the food department. If the plastic tableware is qualified, the temperature resistance range is 110 ℃ to 160 ℃, but each product is also different. The temperature resistance range of the environment-friendly fast food box is about 120-130 ℃, while the temperature resistance range of the hard plastic box is 120-160 ℃. Qualified plastic tableware is not easy to produce toxic substances when placed in the microwave oven. Qualified plastic products have no pungent smell, while unqualified plastic products have an unpleasant smell. Before purchasing, it is best to open the lid and smell it. If there is a smell that makes you uncomfortable, do not buy it. In addition, plastic products will also produce substances harmful to human body after being put for a long time, and you can smell the smell of deterioration.
Polypropylene (PP), which is polymerized from propylene, is also more transparent and harder than polyethylene. Most of the boxes used for packaging in restaurants are made of it. The plastic boxes made of it can be put into microwave oven for heating. PVC PVC, common PVC products in life include plastic film, plastic box, building materials, etc. Because of its low price and good plasticity, it is widely used. But its heat resistance is only 81 ℃, and it is rarely used for food storage. PS polystyrene: Our common disposable lunch boxes, cups for drinks in beverage stores, foam fast food boxes, and instant noodles buckets are all made of them as raw materials. It is cold and heat resistant, but it cannot be heated in a microwave oven, because too high temperature will release harmful chemicals.