Features of melamine tableware

1. Melamine tableware has excellent solvent resistance, is hard, durable and not easy to break;

2. The surface of the product is flat, non-toxic, tasteless, fall-resistant, and can automatically extinguish the arc;

3. Acid and alkali resistance, excellent resistance to oil, acid, alkali and various solvents;

4. Light weight, specific gravity, moderate weight sense, low thermal conductivity, easy to hold even with hot goods;

5. The surface can be printed with beautiful and bright patterns. The product has stable color, beautiful color, good gloss, and is not easy to peel. Good texture, with the aesthetic feeling of traditional ceramics

Melamine tableware, also known as porcelain imitation tableware, is formed by heating and pressing melamine resin powder. It is widely used in fast food industry and children’s catering industry due to its lightweight, beautiful, low temperature resistance, boiling resistance and non-fragile properties.