How to choose and buy suitable glass tableware

Glass tableware is a commonly used packaging container or contactor dish for food and is favored by more and more consumers because of its crystal clear texture, clean and beautiful appearance, good sealing performance and other advantages. And more and more catering industries also gradually favor glass tableware and use it for microwave oven or electric oven heating., However, some glass tableware, such as tempered glass tableware, has the risk of cracking. If you do not know the applicable heating scale, it is easy to take risks in use. At present, the quality of glass tableware on the market varies from good to bad. How to identify the quality of products is particularly critical when purchasing. If you buy unsuitable glass tableware only based on your experience or the promotion and purchase of merchants, it will bring trouble to normal use. Now let’s introduce how to buy glass tableware safely and reliably?
1. Color: high-quality glass tableware has bright color, high refractive index and smooth surface. If it is stained glass tableware, you need to see whether the color distribution is relatively uniform
2. Listen to the sound: gently tap, high-quality glass meal has a crisp metal sound;
3. Printing pattern: The pattern should be printed on the outer wall of the glass tableware to avoid direct contact with the lip. Secondly, the pattern is smooth and not easy to fall off
4. Whether the glass tableware has a certificate
5. Pay attention to whether there are heat resistant marks
1. Look at the style
Although the glass tableware is very versatile, it should also be seen according to the household collocation. Generally, glass tableware will be placed on the tea table or table, so in general, the most appropriate thing is to place glass tableware on the table or table made of glass, so as to display the bright and clean characteristics of glass. In addition, the marble table top is often matched with glass tableware, which will appear very transparent and clean. However, since most families often set the table first and then consider the tableware, if the table itself is not suitable for glass tableware, then simply do not choose.
2. Look at decoration performance
Glass dinners have a variety of colors, but most of them are mainly flowers and birds, with leaves, triangles and other shapes. No matter how you choose, you should match the style in your home. For example, the simple style of home is not suitable for the use of glass tableware with complicated decoration, and the pastoral style of home is not suitable for the luxury version of glass tableware.
3. Use function
The use function is important to it, so the glass tableware must be durable. Therefore, it is particularly necessary for glass ornament lovers to choose non-fragile glass tableware. For this reason, consumers can choose the tableware made of tempered glass, and it needs to be heat-resistant and wear-resistant to last long enough.
4. Safety
Safety performance is also a very important function for glass tableware. Some inferior glass tableware uses materials that do not conform to the national regulations and contain a lot of harmful substances. Therefore, when you buy glass tableware, you should not be greedy for cheap, and you must shop around carefully.