How to properly maintain ceramic tableware?

Ceramic tableware is the most frequently used item in our daily life, and the cleanness of ceramic tableware is closely related to our healthy diet. Now let’s let the editor teach you how to properly maintain the ceramic tableware?

1. First of all, because of the ceramic tableware itself, its surface contains substances harmful to human health, so it is better to soak the tableware just bought in vinegar water for a period of time, then clean it inside and outside, and then rinse it with water.

2. Secondly, for the tableware just bought, it is better to soak it in salt water. The purpose of this is to extend its service life, and it is not easy to break in future use.

3. In daily use, it is best to clean the greasy substances in the tableware with hot water or detergent, and then wash it with clean water for several times, and then put it in the disinfection cabinet of the kitchen for further disinfection.

4. As the ceramic tableware is fragile, it should be handled gently during normal use. If it is put down too hard, the bottom of the plate will be rough, and the surface of the plate will be worn after a long time. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that you put a paper towel between the tableware to protect the tableware.