What are the advantages of imitation porcelain meal?

When people choose tableware, in order to make the whole kitchen look more attractive when eating, and to better reflect the class of the head of household when using tableware, they will use some porcelain tableware with exquisite patterns. It is undeniable that this type of tableware is indeed beautiful in appearance and has high artistic value, which can reflect the taste of a head of household. However, there is a very serious problem, This kind of porcelain tableware is very fragile. When used in daily life, no one can guarantee that the porcelain tableware will not be broken by mistake. If the pure porcelain tableware is broken, it is very painful. So people develop the imitation porcelain tableware, then what advantages does the imitation porcelain tableware have?

1. Not fragile. First of all, the advantage of imitation porcelain tableware is that it has good fall resistance. That is to say, even if it falls on the ground, it will not break at first, and it will not crack until it is hit many times. Compared with the real tableware of server type, imitation porcelain tableware has very high safety performance. In this case, it is more suitable for families with children, and some tableware will be controlled by children. If it is pure porcelain tableware, how many porcelain tableware must not be hit by children, But if you use imitation porcelain tableware, even if the child falls many times, the imitation porcelain tableware will not break. So it is a very good advantage to say that the imitation porcelain tableware is not fragile. It is also because this advantage is accepted and used by many families with children, and corresponding children’s tableware has been made.

2. Good resistance. The raw material of porcelain imitation tableware is resin, that is to say, porcelain imitation tableware is a kind of tableware processed with resin as the overall raw material, and its overall appearance is similar to ordinary porcelain. Because the imitation porcelain tableware is made of resin, compared with the pure porcelain tableware, the imitation porcelain tableware has very good solvent resistance, or corrosive substances will not leave some traces or damage on the imitation porcelain tableware. If it is porcelain type tableware, then porcelain type tableware will be damaged to a certain extent, which is better for imitation porcelain type tableware.