What should I pay attention to when purchasing melamine tableware?

1. First of all, we should go to shopping malls or supermarkets. Generally, unqualified manufacturers will be eliminated when introducing products.
2. How to distinguish whether it is qualified or not: first look, second touch and three simple tests.
(1) At a glance
According to the certificate of conformity, the certificate of melamine tableware must contain the QS mark and number, the executive standard, the temperature range, the raw materials used and the enterprise name, address, contact information and other information. It should be noted that some manufacturers in the market have obtained the production license (QS) to produce melamine tableware and urea-coated imitation porcelain at the same time. If it is impossible to determine whether the product is qualified, it is good to conduct self-inspection according to the simple test method to basically determine whether the product meets the requirements; Look at the product itself: whether there is obvious deformation, color difference, smooth surface, uneven bottom, clear decal pattern, wrinkles or bubbles.
(2) Second touch
Check whether the surface is rough and concave. Wipe the colored tableware back and forth with a white napkin to see if it fades. In addition, compared with the fake tableware produced with urea-formaldehyde resin raw material, the qualified melamine tableware has the characteristics of high compactness and large proportion. Qualified melamine tableware with the same appearance and specification is about 5% heavier than counterfeit melamine tableware.
(3) Simple test reference
The moisture-proof and heat-resistant test method in melamine tableware wholesale standard melamine tableware is very simple. It can test whether the product is qualified: boil it in boiling water for 30 minutes, then take it out and put it in 1 hour, and repeat it three times. If the tableware has white, astringent, blistering, cracking and pungent smell in the process, it indicates that the tableware may have quality problems: it contains toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde. However, high-quality products can be cooked four times without any problems. Even if the tableware is qualified, whether melamine tableware or ceramic or stainless steel tableware, boiling with boiling water can not only sterilize, but also promote the dissolution or volatilization of residual substances.
3. When purchasing, you should ask for the ticket from the mall. If the product has quality problems, it is easy to trace.
4. If the consumer purchases the suspected unqualified imitation porcelain tableware, he/she should report and complain to the seller and relevant departments in time.